Affordable Backups

Powerful and intelligent deduplication storage for disk backup and disaster recovery.

Fast, Reliable Backups & Restores

ExaGrid is a cost-effective and scalable disk-based backup solution that works with your existing backup devices.


ExaGrid combines high quality SATA drives, compression and data deduplication for fast and reliable backups and restores.

Traditionally, companies installed tape backup as a low-cost method of protecting important data. But through the years, corporations have discovered tape backup to be burdensome and extremely time consuming. The failure to backup data properly can have a negative impact on employees, clients and customers. The loss of data can damage a business’s reputation as well as revenue.

ExaGrid is trusted by more than 500 customers worldwide to protect their business from backup failures. ExaGrid offers its customers a solution to streamline the backup process with disk. Disk provides numerous benefits over tape and provides painless and successful backups night after night.

  • Short backup windows
  • Data deduplication
  • Disk space savings
  • Faster replication
  • Faster restore
  • Secure backup
  • Reliable restore
  • Off-site protection
  • Scalable
  • Simple configuration
  • Greater flexibility

The combination of ExaGrid’s post-process deduplication, most recent backup cache, and GRID scalability enables IT departments to achieve the shortest backup window and the fastest, most reliable restores, tape copy, and disaster recovery without compromising performance.


ExaGrid’s innovative approach minimizes the amount of data to be stored by providing standard data compression for the most recent backups, along with byte-level data deduplication for all previous backups. ExaGrid’s byte-level data deduplication technology stores changes from backup instead of storing full file copies. This unique approach reduces the disk space required by at least 10 to 1, and up to 50 to 1. It also delivers unmatched cost savings and performance, and is less than 30 percent the cost of standard SATA based storage.

Tape isn’t the optimal choice for virtual machine (VM) backups. Slow transfer speeds, vulnerable off-site transport and storage and unreliable restores (Gartner says 40% fail) are three of the myriad of problems that plague tape backup and restore schemes.


Disk-based backup for virtual machines provides fast, secure and reliable restores in an outage or disaster. With the right data deduplication feature, disk-based backup can also save you money. Veeam® Backup & Replication along with the ExaGrid® disk backup appliance delivers a solid data protection solution for virtual environments with advanced deduplication and data replication for off-site protection.
ExaGrid disk backup appliances combined with Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery shortens backup windows because the appliance does not require storage-level deduplication to be undone (and data rehydrated) during recovery. ExaGrid’s disk backup appliances provide scalability by breaking data into large object and detecting similarities. ExaGrid only stores unique data, reducing disk space and WAN bandwidth requirements dramatically. By using large objects and requiring data only be similar versus an exact match, ExaGrid is able to provide grid scalability to Veeam users.
Veeam’s source-based deduplication and ExaGrid’s target-side deduplication results in dramatic disk space savings and WAN efficiency. Veeam Backup & Replication checks blocks of each virtual machine’s VMDK in modes that are optimized for transfer to local disk, a network resource or a WAN target. By maintaining deduplicated copies of all backups plus an undeduplicated copy of the most recent backups in its landing space, ExaGrid meets the requirements of backup history retention and need for rapid recovery all in one appliance.
To Veeam, the ExaGrid appliance appears as a LAN target much like any other network disk resource. In the ExaGrid disk backup appliance, an ExaGrid share is created for Veeam backups. This share is one of many types that are optimized for certain data types and programs, including line-of-business applications that use Microsoft SQL Server. The ExaGrid share created for Veeam backups is a common Internet file system, or CIFS, share. This CIFS share is accessible directly within Windows on the Veeam Backup Server. Further, a mapped drive can be configured within Windows or assigned via Group Policy to the Veeam Backup Server to connect the ExaGrid share automatically.
Using an ExaGrid disk backup appliance as a target for Veeam backup jobs allows greater flexibility in job creation and greater deduplication benefits. For example, multiple Veeam backup jobs of like operating systems that are placed on the same ExaGrid share will have additional deduplication benefits by allowing the ExaGrid zone-level deduplication to span multiple Veeam jobs. This allows granular control of Veeam backup jobs to work around tight timeframes of critical production systems.
With ExaGrid disk backup appliances, backup data can be transferred to a different site for off-site storage. This transfer moves deduplicated data, making the transfer both efficient in storage and network bandwidth utilization. Further, backup data moved off-site by ExaGrid disk backup appliances only moves bytes that have changed, requiring minimal network bandwidth. The ExaGrid series of disk backup appliances allows a share to be configured for data replication to another ExaGrid site. This is done by transferring only the deduplicated changed data on the shares.

Together, Veeam Backup & Replication and the ExaGrid disk backup appliance provide a strong combination for advanced deduplication and virtual machine data protection features.